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Welcome to Big Heart Bengals!
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We are a TICA registered Bengal cattery located in Bright, ON.

We currently specialize in producing brown and seal mink Bengal kittens.

Our kittens are bred with high standards in mind. We strive to produce happy, well socialized kittens while ensuring exceptional health.

We handle our kittens from day one getting them used to hugs, cuddles and kisses. They are raised in our home alongside our dog, other cats and children.

All of our breeding adult cats have been genetic tested (though Optimal Selection) and are negative for 40+ health conditions including PRA-b and PK Def.

To maintain excellent health, we encourage play with a variety of toys such as wands, balls, scratchers, cat trees, etc. multiple times a day.

Our cats and kittens are fed a well-balanced diet of dry, wet and raw. We also incorporate supplements into their meals once a day to support digestion, vision and hearing, immune defence, coat quality and more.

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