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"Big Heart Bengals is a definite must when looking for the perfect Bengal cat!


We have one from Nala's October 2022 litter and we instantly fell in love with him (Simba!) He came home healthy with everything he needed to transition to our house! We felt so comfortable with the way Big Heart Bengals treated us and their kittens that we adopted another one 9 months later. One of Aimy's July 2023 kittens (Daxter!)


The support from Big Heart Bengals is great! She also inquires about the kittens even after they have gone to their forever homes!


If and when I want another or more kittens I will definitely reach out to Big Heart Bengals!"

- Crystal G.

Brantford, ON

"Brooke is a very nice person and is trying to improve her lines.

Brooke and I attended the TICA cat show at the Canadian Pet Expo. My Fox competed as well as my Squirrel and her Nala (Fox's Mother). Fox and Nala both earned their Grand Master titles and Squirrel earned her Master title.


I only stated the above to point out that Brooke has been producing quality Bengals. I also have 2 younger cats from her that also have great show potential.


Keep up the good work!"

- John H.

St. Agatha, ON

"I took home retired Queen Aimy and could not be happier. Brooke from Big Heart Bengals was fantastic in every aspect with her ability to answer questions and give continued support for the cat. Aimy has been an amazing addition to my household. I would highly recommend Big Heart Bengals!"

- Brandon B.

Ottawa, ON

"I am a new client and have just purchased my first Bengal kitten. The whole experience has been so rewarding and very satisfying, so much so that I have asked if I can get another kitten from her next litter. Nicest owner and very accommodating!"

- Tracy R.

Ayr, ON

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